Who is The Ujima Group, Inc.?


The Ujima Group, Inc. is named after the third principle of the NGUZO SABA - The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. The Swahili word Ujima means (Collective Work and Responsibility) –“To build and maintain our community together and make our brother's and sister's problems our problems and to solve them together”.

Created in 1994, THE UJIMA GROUP, INC. is a 501(c) nonprofit, community-based organization that believes in promoting cultural diversity, computer technology and risk prevention through educational programs and the arts. Since it’s establishment, T.U.G., Inc. has sponsored activities and events that foster the principles of collective work and responsibility as a component of its Community Responsibility Program. These events elevate young people and empower them to become active leaders in their communities.

The Ujima Group, Inc. provides the following services:

•   Event Planning Services and Consultation
•   Character and Leadership Training - Rites of Passage Program
•   Athletic and Academic Enrichment
•   How To Start Your Own Non-Profit Business
•   Training and Development Consultation

The Community Responsibility Program

One of the fundamental objectives of The Ujima Group, Inc is to promote the positive development of young people. This is achieved through the Community Responsibility Program that is designed to facilitate:

•   Risk-prevention programs (Rites of Passage Program)
•   Cultural awareness activities and events (Kwanzaa)
•   Opportunities to develop community pride (Black History Month Celebration)
•   Cultural diversity (Workshops and Facilitation)
•   Mentoring (Athletic Enrichment)
•   Educational Workshops ( Edufest Celebration)
•   Educating the Public (Friends of The Ujima Group, Inc. Jazz Reception)
•   Volunteerism

Through its work, The Ujima Group, Inc creates a synergy that fosters the collaboration, cooperation and commitment of businesses, governmental agencies and educational institutions to provide our communities with opportunities and events that are informative and culturally relevant to families and youth.

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